The EDGY Project Team is comprised of researchers,
students, and  collaborators from numerous institutions:
principal investigators:
Dr. Laura Schneider (PI, Rutgers University, Geography) is a is a biogeographer specialized in land change science. She has worked in the Yucatan region since 2000, focusing on how human-environment relations affect patterns and processes of land-use land-cover change, linking biophysical, socioeconomic, and remote sensing and GIS data in order to understand landscape dynamics. Building upon  research, theories, and methods from human-environment geography, ecology, economics, remote sensing and geographic information science, she seeks to integrates and develops research the monitoring and modeling of land transformation, the biogeography of plant invasions in the tropics, and biophysical remote sensing.
Dr. John Rogan (Co-PI, Clark University, Geography) is a geographer specializing in remote sensing, with research foci on biogeography, landscape ecology, disturbance dynamics, and land change.  He received his Ph.D. from the joint doctoral program at San Diego State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara where he was funded by a research grant from NASA's Land Cover and Land Use Change Program.  
Dr. Birgit Schmook (Co-PI, ECOSUR) is a geographer specilializing in tropical agriculture and rural development.  She has conducted fieldwork across Latin America,  with research regarding land use and cover change, migration, agricultural systems, and livelihood systems.  She received her Ph.D. from Clark University regarding the social dimensions of land change in the Southern Yucatan and Master's and Bachelor's degrees in agriultural science from the University of Hohenheim, Germany
Dr. Deborah Lawrence (Co-PI, University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences) is an ecologist specializing on the relationship of nutrient cycling to changes in forest composition and land use.  She has conducted conservation-oriented ecological research in the tropical forests of northeastern Costa Rica, the Indonesian Borneo, and received a Fulbright scholarship for research in Cameroon. Within the EDGY project, she and her students are studying the effects of land use change on tree structure, hydrological feedbacks, and biogeochemistry after resilliance to hurricanes.  
postdoctoral research associates:
Zachary Christman (Rutgers University, Geography)
Megan McGroddy (University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences), 
research associates:
Mirna Canul (ECOSUR)
Irene Zager, PhD student, Rutgers University
"Forest disturbance in the Calakmul-Sian Ka'an Biological Corridor, Yucatan, Mexico: anthropogenic and natural drivers"
Colleen Earp, MA student, Rutgers University
Marco Millones, PhD candidate, Clark University
"Anthropogenic land change, economic flows, and multi-scale sustainability: grounding land community 'footprints' in the Mexican Yucatan"
Esteban Rossi, PhD student, Clark University
former students:
Dana Richards, undergraduate, University of Virginia
Karen Vandecar, PhD, University of Virginia
"Temporal patterns of soil nutrient availability in a wet tropical forest, Costa Rica"
Emeterio Chan Rivas, MA, ECOSUR
"Hurricane Dean and its effects on the forest sector: a case study of the Noh Bec and Petcacab ejidos, Quintana Roo, Mexico"
María de la Luz Isabel HernándezMA, ECOSUR
"Relative abundance of felines in the area affected by Hurricane Dean in Quintana Roo"
Griselda Venegas Hernández, MA, ECOSUR
former associates
Alejandro Aragón, ECOSUR
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